Why AMG Funds?

The World Leader in Boutique Investing

AMG Funds is part of Affiliated Managers Group (AMG), the world’s 5th largest publicly-traded investment firm1, and the largest provider of boutique investment management expertise. Boutique investment managers have competitive advantages that have been empirically proven to outperform non-boutique peers and indices over the long-term2.

Through its broad array of independent and autonomous investment management Affiliates, AMG Funds provides successful investors a wide range of truly differentiated solutions.

Partnering with Boutiques, Delivering the Value of Boutiques

Hugh Cutler, Head of Global Distribution at AMG, discusses AMG’s value proposition in the marketplace, and the often-overlooked importance of boutiques within the conversation about active management.

Quality, Diversity & Convenience

AMG Funds provides a single, efficient point of access to the world’s greatest breadth and depth of boutique investment solutions.

We represent over 30 independent and autonomous investment managers, and offer more than 100 mutual funds and separately-managed accounts across nearly every asset class and up and down the risk spectrum—from short-term fixed income to private equity, active equity choices to liquid alternative strategies.

With our broad and diverse array of independent boutiques—and the independent views of the boutique managers who lead them—we take an unbiased and consultative approach to investing that tailors the solutions we offer to your needs, not ours.

A Better Boutique Model

Though they may not have the same notoriety of some larger brand names, we believe boutiques provide investors and advisors with greater value, and unique opportunities for investing success. 

Six reasons our boutiques may deliver more:


Decision makers at our boutiques are more than managers; they are firm principals with a partnership mindset, whose long-term interests align with those of their clients.

Entrepreneurial Cultures

AMG Funds investment advisers are part of smaller, collaborative investment teams where success is measured by the organization’s investment results, not the individuals.

Nimble, Independent Investment Process

Our specialized, autonomous advisers are largely focused on a single area of expertise, and can be more agile in the face of changing markets.

Investment-Centric Organization

Principals at AMG Funds’ boutiques are investment managers first and foremost. They develop and prize their unique investment processes that have proven successful.

Capacity Management

Top managers know that too much capital chasing a good idea can be counterproductive for investors. AMG Funds advisers will generally limit inflows to help protect the investment strategy for shareholders.

Commitment to an Enduring Franchise

We believe active management works best over the long term, and like their clients, our advisers view business success with that same long-term orientation.

Specialized Perspectives That Fuel Success

About Us: Diverse Investment Insights

Diverse Investment Insights

At AMG Funds, there is no single view of markets, the macroeconomic environment or choices investors should make. Our insights come from the entire investment community of professionals across more than 30 independent, autonomous advisers—a diversity of investment ideas unrivaled by any other organization.

About Us: A History of Performance

A History of Performance

Generating returns away from the limelight for sophisticated global institutions and many of the world’s wealthiest individuals and families, AMG Funds’ investment advisers may not be widely known—except by those who seek out excellence and who value being above the crowd.

By reported assets under management as of December 31, 2018.
Source: The Boutique Premium, Affiliated Managers Group, October 2018.

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