Why AMG Funds?

The World Leader in Boutique Investing

AMG Funds is part of Affiliated Managers Group (AMG), the world’s 10th largest publicly-traded investment firm1, and the largest provider of boutique investment management expertise. Boutique investment managers have competitive advantages that have been empirically proven to outperform non-boutique peers and indices over the long-term2.

Through its broad array of independent and autonomous investment management Affiliates, AMG Funds provides successful investors a wide range of truly differentiated solutions.

Active Management: The Boutique Advantage

Hugh Cutler, Head of Global Distribution at AMG, discusses AMG’s value proposition in the marketplace, and the often-overlooked importance of boutiques within the conversation about active management.

The Boutique Advantage in Generating Alpha

In the debate over active management, the outperformance of boutique managers has been largely overlooked. This snapshot highlights key statistics from recent research, along with special characteristics that give boutiques an edge.

Boutiques Created Significant Value Versus Indices

Boutiques outpaces Indices in average annual net excess returns by:


Greater Excess Wealth Compared to Non-Boutiques

Investing exclusively with boutiques would have created a greater excess of wealth of:


Boutiques Broadly Outperformed Non-Boutiques

Boutiques outperformed non-boutiques in institutional equity categories by:


Exceptional Excess Returns Versus Indices

Top-decile boutique strategies added an average annual:


Top-quartile boutiques added an average annual:


Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investing involves risk. This should not be construed as recommendation or investment advice. Data sources are believed to be reliable but there is no guarantee as to accuracy.
Source: AMG proprietary analysis and classification of firms and strategies. Statistics shown are on an average annual basis for the 20 year period from 3/31/98 to 3/31/18 for 11 institutional equity categories examined. Firms represented include AMG Affiliates. MercerInsight® database utilized for return data. For full methodology, please see “The Boutique Premium: The Boutique Advantage in Generating Alpha” available at AMG.com.

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Boutique Managers Provide an Exclusive Premium

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Partnering with Boutiques, Delivering the Value of Boutiques

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By reported assets under management as of March 31, 2019.
Source: The Boutique Premium, Affiliated Managers Group, October 2018.

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