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While the U.S. stock market has rebounded from the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, uncertainty remains high. U.S. investors who have stayed invested are back to enjoying strong returns and continue to question the need to allocate beyond the US. However, while the U.S. stock market has led for the past several years, it is unclear that this will continue and further neglects opportunities abroad.

Investors looking to increase their international exposure are accessing those markets at more attractive valuations relative to the U.S. The vast size of the global investment universe also offers diversification possibilities in both non-U.S. developed, emerging, and frontier markets equities. While it is impossible to predict next year’s out-performers, investors who diversify globally may be well positioned to achieve their long-term goals.

Global and International

Investors who hold only US stocks and bonds may be playing out a home country bias or solely focused on US equities for growth. While the US stock market has outperformed their international counterparts in recent years, history suggests that a reversal is more than likely. Prudent investors know the value of a globally diversified portfolio.


International Small Cap

Investors have embraced U.S. small caps stocks for their faster growth, historically attractive risk-adjusted returns, and relatively low correlations—but have largely ignored the large universe of international smaller-cap stocks and the further value and increased diversification they offer.


Emerging Markets

As population and demographics shift meaningfully within Emerging Markets, investors see the opportunity to increase their exposure within this allocation.


Frontier Emerging Markets

Frontier Emerging Markets are developing economies that are accessible to investors but too risky for be characterized as an Emerging Market. Frontier markets have a low correlation with other markets and may offer investors strong geographic diversification.


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