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WEDGE Capital Management is a boutique investment advisory firm offering value equity and fixed income strategies.

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Emerging Opportunities Fund

Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of micro cap companies.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy

WEDGE’s approach to value investing is characterized by a strong balance between fundamental and quantitative research with the goal of providing exceptional risk-adjusted performance over time.

Our Approach

  • Utilizing fundamental characteristics, WEDGE employs a model that systematically combines value, contrarian, and momentum factors to identify undervalued stocks
  • Employs sector-specific models to efficiently and unemotionally analyze the designated universe of stocks, generating objectively-determined buy and sell decisions
  • Focuses on identifying value-oriented, micro-cap stocks, using a quantitative process focusing on numerous growth, quality, and valuation factors
  • Any metrics that cannot be analyzed quantitatively are considered before making a decision to purchase



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