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Founded in 1989, SouthernSun Asset Management is a Memphis-based firm that specializes in small and mid cap investing. The firm employs a fundamental, bottom-up, research-intensive investment approach that relies on an investment team of sector generalists with a global perspective.

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SouthernSun Small Cap Fund

Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in small cap companies.

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SouthernSun U.S. Equity Fund

Seeks to provide long term capital appreciation by investing in small to mid cap U.S. companies.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy and Approach

Our Philosophy

SouthernSun’s fundamental, bottom-up, research-intensive investing centers around hands-on, proprietary research and a belief in “sweating the small stuff.” An investment team of sector generalists with a global perspective focuses on low turnover, long-term business buying decisions.

Our Approach

SouthernSun employs bottom-up, fundamental, on-site research to identify attractively valued companies with:

  • Financial Flexibility: Seeks companies with strong, internally generated discretionary cash flow and organic revenue growth
  • Niche Dominance: Seeks companies that it believes exhibit competitive advantages through superior products, process controls and technologies
  • Management Adaptability: Seeks proven and accountable management teams with measurable, transparent goals that are held accountable for performance; this applies to multiple levels of management from the CEO and CFO to the less senior management

Fund Managers

Fund Managers

Michael W. Cook, Sr.

Michael W. Cook, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

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