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Ranger employs fundamental analysis along with a bottom-up stock picking approach to managing equity portfolios.

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Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of small and mid cap stocks.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy

Ranger aims to preserve and grow capital by utilizing a bottom-up, fundamental research process to identify growing, high quality companies that can be purchased at attractive valuations.

Our Approach

  • Ranger uses a disciplined, consistent investment approach to both security selection and risk management. Ranger’s investment team searches for quality growth companies by implementing a bottom-up, fundamental research driven security selection process. They focus on identifying good companies characterized by accelerating revenue and earnings growth, high recurring revenues, strong balance sheets and free cash flow generation.
  • In addition to quantitative analysis, careful consideration is given to qualitative analysis with respect to issues such as, judgment of the management team, accounting practices, corporate governance and the company’s competitive advantage. Once these quantitative and qualitative characteristics are analyzed, the investment team then seeks to determine whether a company is undervalued and whether there is sufficient upside to the stock price to warrant an investment.
  • Once a security is bought into the portfolio, it is subject to regular risk management reviews of the portfolio. Ranger’s proprietary risk management tool, the Suspect List , is an effective tool that is used to monitor changes to a company’s fundamentals and to isolate companies that violate the firm’s sell disciplines. This review process seeks to identify problem stocks early and enhances performance by removing them before they become significant problems for the portfolio.



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