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Next Century Growth Investors (NCG) offers portfolio management services within the micro-cap universe by targeting fast growing companies with strong long term growth prospects.

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Emerging Opportunities Fund

Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of micro cap companies.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy

NCG focuses on finding the fastest growing micro-cap companies that have the opportunity to become tomorrow’s small-cap, mid-cap and eventually large cap companies.

Our Approach

  • Direct research including company visits, conversations with sell side analysts, and trade contacts
  • Looking for companies with great management teams and sustainable product differentiation, addressing large and hopefully growing market opportunities that control their own destinies
  • Minimum future annualized revenue growth of 15% organically, low or declining debt level and improving margins with business models can reach high profitability and Return on Equity* in time
  • Stock is selected only when the team is convinced the company can grow its business at extraordinary rates for an extended period of time.



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