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LMCG manages equity portfolios across a range of market caps, investment styles and U.S. and international regions.

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LMCG Small Cap Growth Fund

The Fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in small cap companies.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy and Approach

Our Philosophy

LMCG believes that the small cap growth universe is inefficient and can be exploited by identifying unrecognized growth potential, that which is not currently seen, misinterpreted or misunderstood, before others.

Our Approach

  • Opportunities are identified by bottom up fundamental research accomplished through industry-specific screening models and in-depth knowledge of the driving forces affecting those companies.
  • The portfolio management team searches for factors such as revenue growth, margin expansion and positive surprises and revisions as key characteristics that help act as catalysts for company appreciation.
  • Fundemental valuation analysis plays a critical role in establishing a high conviction portfolio and ensuring that one does not overpay for future growth.

Fund Managers

Fund Managers

Andrew Morey, CFA

Managing Director, Growth Equities

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