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MDT Advisers, A Division of Federated MDTA LLC, is a quantitative investment management firm that offers a wide array of U.S. equity investment strategies.

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Special Equity Fund

Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of small and mid cap stocks.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy

MDT Advisers' uses a quantitative process that scores stocks based on earnings estimate momentum, long-term earnings growth, analyst conviction, share buyback and issuance, external financing, asset growth, earnings risks, structural earnings, tangible book-to-price and earnings-to-price. The firm aims to deliver excess performance consistently over time.

Our Approach

  • MDT Advisers' process analyzes all of the companies in a strategy’s universe every day, using stock selection factors to assess their growth, value, and quality characteristics. Proprietary software based on sound financial theory is used to identify the companies that are most likely to outperform. Quantitative technology allows the investment team to sort through thousands of companies every day in order to find opportunities.
  • When building a portfolio, multiple levels of risk control are employed with the objective of achieving alpha with the lowest possible tracking error. Limits are maintained on on individual company weights and on deviations from benchmark sector weights, and company correlations driven by factor exposures are monitored as well.
  • Trade decisions are fully transparent and reviewed by the investment team in an effort to ensure that all trades are based on accurate and current information.
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