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Essex manages growth equity portfolios for institutional clients, high net worth clients, mutual funds and private partnerships based on early identification of growth, wherever it exists.

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Essex Small/Micro Cap Growth Fund

The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in small and micro cap securities.

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Approach & Philosophy

Philosophy and Approach

Our Philosophy

Essex's investment philosophy is based on the belief that the stock market is inherently inefficient and revenue growth, future profitability and cash flow drive a company's price performance.  By combining bottom-up stock selection with top-down secular analysis, Essex is able to identify and invest in companies that may be trading at discounts to their intrisic value before they are recognized and fully valued by the market.

Our Approach

Essex's investment approach looks for under-followed, under-owned, under-appreciated companies that are trading at discounts to intrinsic value.

  • Use a systematic, fundamental process to identify underpriced target companies starting with a quantitative screen looking for companies with improving business fundamentals.
  • Specifically looking for companies which are as close to their inflection points as can be determined.
  • If and when the firm invests in one of these companies, it strives to invest shortly after the first or second quarter of acceleration.

Fund Managers

Fund Managers

Nancy Prial, CFA

Co-Chief Executive Officer of Essex & Portfolio Manager

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